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Welcome to the Adventures in the S'more Café!  This is a blog and website about the travels in my 1968 Shasta Canned Ham Trailer.  The trailer was purchased recently and this is the beginning of my travels, adventures and treasure hunts.  I am happy to share my adventures. 

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Starlite Campground, Canon City, CO
My first vintage adventure was to the Starlite Vintage Campground.  I did not bring S'more with me this trip, as I was not fully set up to camp yet.  So, I practiced in another canned ham onsite.  We had a great time shopping for treasures in Florence and enjoyed a picturesque ride back home.  A great weekend.  More adventures planned!
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I ride my bike in support of the Rocky Mountain Stroke Center.  In June of 2006 my sister suffered a severe stroke.  RMSC has been very supportive to her quest to improve her  lifestyle and help her regain back her independence and confidence.  Rocky Mountain Stroke Center helps stroke victims after regular health insurance coverage runs out. 

Please help me raise funds for this organization by offering a contribution through the link on this page or please mail a check today to the center.  Please reference Zandercat, so we can keep track of my fundraising.  Thank you for your support to the center and to my personal quest.    There is no deadline to make a donation.  It can be done at any time.

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