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Welcome to the Adventures in the S'more Café!  This is a blog and website about the travels in my 1968 Shasta Canned Ham Trailer.  The trailer was purchased recently and this is the beginning of my travels, adventures and treasure hunts.  I am happy to share my adventures. 

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sat. Aug 7, 2010 from the beach house in York, Maine to Pre-ride, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Hello everybody.  Wow, it's been a great 4 days!  Met up with my gal pals in York, Maine and spent 3 great days at the beach house in York.  What fun!  We rode two days saw some beautiful areas along the coast.  Visited Kittery and Eliot.  We had great speghetti cooked my Denise, her old family recipe and her meatballs were outstanding.   Her Dad, Joe, now known as The Admiral and her Mother, Carol, now known as The Brigadiere General, own a beautiful home in York.  The home is over 200 years old, comfortable and as the Admiral says, it's a home to share with friends and family.  We felt most welcome. 

We ate lobsters last night and I will get more photos up tomorrow evening.  We sat out on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the blue Maine sky, watching the tide come in and listening to the harbor bell and the fog horn of the light house.  We went to the Nubble Lighthouse, had maple walnut ice cream at Brown's, and relaxed and enjoyed visiting with each other. 

Yesterday afternoon, Ellen and others helped me loose 15 lbs of uncessary weight from my luggage, so I would not experience, "luggage drama" at the weigh-in.  Ellen was very firm and was very patient asking me if I really needed something, which Denise chimmed in, NO, loose it!!!   Reluctantly, I gave in, however, I was able to earn only a few things back.

This morning we quickly ran to the post office to mail the 15 extra lbs of unnecessary items.  I returned the scale to Denise's neighbor and we were on our way to Portsmouth, NH.

Pat, Ellen and I met up with Ellen's friend, Jeannie in Portsmouth.  We had a quick lunch by the harbor alongside the tugboats.  (Those photos will be up tomorrow.)  We did some fast shopping and quickly got me to the hotel in time for 1 pm check in.  I got my jersey, got my bike checked, ready for the weigh-in...ready for the weigh-in...what no weigh in.  Heck!! I could have brought more tackle!!  Dern, I could have had the detangler!!  Oh, well, my back will thank me, later.  (FYI to Ellen and Denise...this hotel room only has one (1)...count them ONE bottle of liquid something.  The label on the very tiny bottle states: Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion.)  I could have used the detangler.    Mark my word, first stop on my shopping list will be detangler, body lotion and maybe, just maybe some SOAP!!!! Ha!!!!  I going to do it, Ellen and Denise!!

Meanwhile, Ellen, Jeannie and I, do a quick walking tour of Portsmouth, NH, in one hour.  Back to the hotel, to be ready for the orientation meeting.  I meet the 4 tour leaders and the 8 of us.  This is such an different dynamic from other rides I have done.  This is such a small group and the benefit is that I scored!!!  I will have my own room the entire tour  This is a huge deal, because an individual room usually costs a few thousand dollars.  I am so excited!!  Looks like a great group, more details to follow.  Only two women, myself and Leslie will complete the entire tour.  Tomorrow is our first day of riding.  One-fourth of the que sheet covers one mile.  It will be fast reading, many turns, 88 miles of just getting from point A to point B.  Wish me luck.  I need to get to bed, it's 8:30 Denver time, 10:30 pm NH time, still adjusting to the time change.  Here I went!!!  More to follow tomorrow.  Hugs and love.  Mary Kay.  PS Check out Day 1 story of my sister Kathy on the Rocky Mountain Stroke Center website.  Awesome!
8:40 pm mdt 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug. 10-Pre-trip Information
Dear Friends and Family,    
Please join me on my cross country bicycling adventure raising support for
Rocky Mountain Stroke Center.  Beginning tomorrow, Aug. 11th, I depart from Denver and will arrive in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I will pick up my bicycle which was shipped to a bike shop in NH last week.  Then I will meet up with 4 girlfriends from my 2008 ride and we plan to rest for a few days in York, Maine.  After wrapping myself in their support and love, I will become the property of America by Bicycle on Sat. Aug. 14th.   
On Sat., I return to Portsmouth, NH to attend  a mandatory 10:00-3:00 pm shakedown, registration, safety check, bike assembly meeting with the tour company.  This tour group has set up the hotel accommodations and will provide luggage and sag support during the trip. In addition, the ceremony of the final weigh-in of the luggage will be performed.  This will be our last chance to mail back home anything unnecessary items that put us over the 25 lb per bag limit/50lb  total weight limit.  (FYI, this baggage restriction also includes a 2 carry-on limit, and a laptop in a case counts as a carry-on.  Oh, no…what about my tackle???)  Let me tell you, packing is the most stressful part so far.  I have a plan…I'll let you know if it works. Stay tuned for luggage drama.   
After lunch I will say goodbye to my gal pals and attend a two hour orientation meeting from
3:30 to 5:30 pm.  (This is when they will tell us it's not really downhill from Maine to Florida.) In addition, they will reiterate the subject of attitude as expressed in our tour packages.  Attitude is a choice, some things are not in our control, what we make up the trip is up to us, individually.  So, if it hurts, or we are unhappy, keep it to yourself.  Following orientation, there will be  a social hour and Dinner until 7:30 pm.  After that, lights out and I start my ride on Sun. August 15th.
Beginning on Sunday, please tune into and meet my sister, Kathy, who is a 4 year stroke survivor.  Each day during the 25 day ride logon to the Rocky Mountain Stroke Center website above and read a story about a stroke survivor.  Their stories are amazing.  It's these survivors that motivate me to pedal the miles and challenge my physical and mental endurance, which is exactly what a stroke survivor lives with on a daily basis. This organization believes in constant rehabilitation and support for stroke survivors, long after insurance benefits run out.  Please read their stories and show them your support.    
In addition, you can follow my blog tour and see daily photos of my journey at my website at   Our average mileage is 75 miles per day.  Our first rest day is Tues. Aug. 24th in
Washington, DC.  This will be a well deserved rest, as we would have been riding consecutively for 9 days and will have completed 663 miles. Ouch, already!! I have another ride friend who will be prying my hands from the handlebars of my bicycle and taking me to her home on the Chesapeake Bay for an overnight rest.   I am anxious, apprehensive and curious of this journey which is about to unfold before me.  Stay in touch through the links above.  You can email me at    
I also dedicate this ride to Barbara Minnick of Terra Haute, Indiana.  Her biking adventures ended last month while she was on a ride across the first segment of the Northern Tier from
Oregon to North Dakota.  She was overcome by a vehicle the  last week of the tour.  She had a very strong  faith and a wonderful relationship with God, and those who rode with her, know that she is in Heaven, riding along with the rest of us and keeping us safe.  Here I went!  Mary Kay Engel
3:34 pm mdt 

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I ride my bike in support of the Rocky Mountain Stroke Center.  In June of 2006 my sister suffered a severe stroke.  RMSC has been very supportive to her quest to improve her  lifestyle and help her regain back her independence and confidence.  Rocky Mountain Stroke Center helps stroke victims after regular health insurance coverage runs out. 

Please help me raise funds for this organization by offering a contribution through the link on this page or please mail a check today to the center.  Please reference Zandercat, so we can keep track of my fundraising.  Thank you for your support to the center and to my personal quest.    There is no deadline to make a donation.  It can be done at any time.

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